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Hi James...Can you recall in your research if Jimi owned/recorded with a 'left handed' 1966 Blond Maple Neck Fender Telecaster. The reason for this question is that Mitch Mitchell back in the late 70's stated to myself and a friend in the Marquee in London, that Jimi did own a lefty tele but only ever used it rarely in the studio and not for gigs (because he didn't like the sound of it live). Mitch told us that he sold 3 of Jimi's guitars to a guitar shop in Charing Cross Road, London back in the mid 70's, including the lefty Telecaster. It would be great to hear your views on this subject please. Best Regards...Ray

Hi Ray,
I have never heard about that guitar. There is no photo of him with it as far as I know.
I'll ask around and get back to you.

A quick Google and I came up with this discussion:

Apparently, during the early 1967 sessions, he used Noel's Telecaster because his Strat was damaged.



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