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Hendrix, Jimi/10 inch test pressing


QUESTION: Do you know of a ten inch vinyl test pressing of All Along the Watchtower/ Burning of the Midnight Lamp 45 RPM dated 8/8/68 ? I have one I want to sell just want to be sure it is authentic.

ANSWER: Hi Cliff,

I have never heard of a test pressing for that one. A few questions :

- does it have a label?
- any dead wax inscriptions?
- how did you acquire it?



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Label is gray and white no company logo , hand writing on label
No dead Wax inscriptions
This was left to me through a lawyer friend

Well Cliff, that could well be authentic!
You could do some research through the "Record pricings" links on this page of my site to see if any similar items are listed:
(some links might be dead).

Good luck


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