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Herbs/growing herbs indoors over the winter


How do you grow herbs indoors over the winter?

when is the best time to harvest herbs to maximize the essential oils in the herbs grown indoors in the winter or outside during other seasons?

How do you keep rosemary leaves turgid over the winter?

Thanks so much!

Growing herbs indoors over winter depends on the type of herbs you want to grow.  If you have a question about specific herbs that would be easier to answer.  Light, warmth, pot size, watering, and temperature requirements vary.

The best time to harvest herbs to maximize essential oils depends upon the herb.  Many are higher in essential oils shortly before flowering.  The time of day for harvesting is also a factor and varies.

The best way I have found for overwintering rosemary indoors is to pour the water over the plant when watering.  This is best done every other time you water since if you do it every time you may encourage powdery mildew.

Sorry I can't be more specific in answering your questions.  


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