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hi im planning on growing true lavender from a seed indoores and in hydroponics. i know lavender is suppose to have sun but i only have a north faceing window and can not use artificial light will bright indirect light be enough? also i heard that a single  true lavender can live 10 years is that true? can you tell me how to prune lavender and when to prune it? thank you for your time

Growing lavender indoors need full east sun.Need also bottom heat.Artificial light should be 2-tube 1 warm light 1 cool light tubes.I don't know about how long seed from lavender last. I know the dutch lavender last a long time. Plant in well drain soil with lime added each year. Prune each branch by 1/3 from the top down,every 3 weeks during the summer & fall.I hope this helps. The lavender named Provence,Grosso has the best scents.



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I have been growing herbs organically for 27 years. I have also written and self-published, loose leaf binder, "Herbmans Journal". 2008 is my last year at Smile Herb Shop. I plan to grow herbs in my small back yard and sell at David's Natural Store in Columbia, Md. on saturdays. I also will return to the Baltimore Herb Festival in May 2009(memorial day weekend).I used the word organically grown, but the state came into the picture and stated that I could not use the word unless I become certified & paid a $300.00 fee. I decided to add to my name (99% chemical-free) since nothing on this planet is 100%, except Jesus Christ, taxes & death. My customers were satisfied with this instead of paying a large fee and raising my prices,with no guarantee that it is organic except for a label.Their belief was in my word.


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