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I just recently planted Oregano about a week or so ago and on Thursday just planted Sage and Basil seeds. Would they grow well enough indoors this late in the season (August) or would they just fail?

Did you plant the oregano from seed also? I encourage people to grow oregano from a plant due to the variation in types of oregano. You want to be sure that it is one that you like the smell and taste of. If you like the smell you will probably like the taste. Also, oregano grows very slowly at first. Sage also grows slowly at first. Since you have already planted the seeds you could just wait and see how it goes. If they don't work out I would recommend beginning with a plant next time. Basil is easy from seed. Oregano, sage, and basil all like plenty of light but do not need any light until the seeds are up. Once they are, make sure they have plenty of light but they do not need the sun shining on them all day. They should be planted in potting soil or potting mix - not garden soil.  


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