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Nancy Johnson wrote at 2015-05-29 02:36:43
My answer is that you could have liver

Flukes, I've had them for a year I been taking herbs and i  have passed thousands of the brown liver flukes,  there. Are several different species ,I only had about 3 of. The other kind the liver  flukes are hard to kill. So as long as I'm passing them I will stay on the herbs, you need to get a kit with an herb to kill the parasites and a bottle that sweeps them out of out ,you can go too a health food store and get you a good  parasitic kit, you will have to take herbs until you quiters passing parasites  

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I can answer most questions on herb usage and and am very familiar with (gras) herbs, generally recognized as safe. I am very knowlegible in nutritional healing. I have extended education in detoxing the body and fasting for health. I believe in the Naturopathic belief, the body get sick in only two ways; either because it is too toxic, or it is malnurished. I grow, wildcraft, and make most of my herbal remedies.


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