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Eve wrote at 2013-03-20 13:32:50
Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is not an NSAID.

Dandelion root is known for causing liver issues in some scenarios so please use caution and seek medical advice before adding it on.

Drugs are generally metabolized by the liver. When the liver enzymes required to metabolize acetaminophen are affected by other drugs, such as alcohol, toxic compounds are formed. That is why acetaminophen should never be taken with alcohol, in fact at least 8-10 hours apart would be safest.

Whether or not St. John's Wort would cause an issue when taken with alcohol or acetaminophen depends on which liver enzymes are activated or inactivated. Please seek professional advice on this before using in same time frame! I won't be on here again to answer further questions, I'm sorry, but your physician should be able to help if they are knowledgeable about this and friendly enough to work with you (wish they were all that way, truly I do)

- A Physician  

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