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QUESTION: Dear Jayne: I have tinnitus for 12 yrs  and have been using GABA (capsule form/500mg with L-Theanine (150mg)daily. Because of increased depression & anxiety, I added Ashwagandha (500mg) just once. Woke up during the night, extremely anxious. Is adding Ashwagandha w/ GABA & L-Theanine dangerous or unwise? thanks. ken

ANSWER: If you feel you got a relation it may not be for you.  You may want to stop and try again and see if you get the same reaction.   You can try passions flower for anxiety and 5htp for depression.  Jayne

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QUESTION: Jayne: thanks for your quick reply. However-I don't think you pinpointed my major concern. And that was: adding Ashwagandha while taking GABA & L-Theanine, did I do any permanent harm to my brain [chemistry]?
Secondly: You replied, " got a relation it may not be for you." What does that mean?

I meant reaction.  Sorry. You must listen to your body.  I would switch around the combinations and see what happens., I can get overstimulated with certain supplements.  Some people need more amounts of somethiing and others need very little and get a benefit.  You have to play around with it but I don't think you will do any damage, amino acids are needed in the brain. The herb you mentioned I believe is for all three doshas according to the Auyvedic . I still would consider the passion flower to clam and do some deep breathing exercises for stress relief. Jayne

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