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Herbs for Health/sexual weakness!!!!!


"Dear Sir,
I am 27 and for the last 2 years I have been suffering from ED and premature ejaculation. My penis is bent on left side and its very rear to get hard. I have talked with urologist and told me that there is no medicine to cure ed or Premature ejaculation permanently but have medicine that can do it fix by taking everyday I mean its every day dose.If kept off then no action.
Actually this is Viagra.

So I am now want to ask you is there any treatment available in Herbal treatment that can get rid of me from these diseases. Any medicine that can fix the damage nerves?  and makes the penis strong.
Also my spam is lighter and not much and nightfall is kept off for long days and it occurs after 3 or 4 months.
I had a bad habit  of  masturbate in the past excessively.
I am unmarried but family is looking for a girl but i am getting anxious about my condition.
Please sir help me.


Clean up your diet with fresh fruits and veggies less meat and no sugars.  Look into yoga and breathing exercises. Look into damiana to strengthen your sexual organs.  Lay off mastarbating for a while and focus on healing energies to strengthen and support you body.  Jayne

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