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QUESTION: Hello Dennis,

My wife is 26 weeks pregnant with our second child.  Our first pregnancy ended 7 weeks early because my wife started showing signs of Preeclampsia (or HELLP syndrome, we're not exactly sure.  At the most recent check-up, we noticed that her blood pressure was starting to get high again and we would really like to fight as long as possible.

I have been doing a lot of research (some on this site# and would like to know what you would think of a combination of herbs.

One site said that a combination of Hawthorne Berries, Cramp Bark, and Milk Thistle in tincture, 20 drops 3-4 times daily.  This combination is said to lower blood pressure and cleanse the liver.  I have also read that Coenzyme Q10 and Dandelion Root can help the heart.

If we used the above treatments, would we be ok?  She is currently only taking baby aspirin and her prenatal vitamin (w/ DHA).  I would like to start the process of taking these as soon as possible.

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

Yes, the above-mentioned herbs should help her.

Also known as Toxemia, Preeclampsia will also have swelling of the feet and arms. A proper, nourishing diet is very important. Eliminate all junk food and caffeine.

Does she have diabetes or kidney problems?


Red raspberry leaf is an excellent uterine tonic and can be used unerringly in pregnancy and during lactation.

Alfalfa is good to build red blood cells and can be used throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Nettle leaf tea will add calcium and vitamin K to the diet.

Add Vitamin B Complex and Folic Acid to prevent birth defects.

Michael, these suggests should help your wife.
Best wishes, Dennis

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QUESTION: No, she does not have diabetes or kidney problems, although she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with our first child.

Should she take those additional nutrients along with the items mentioned in my original question?  What should the dosages be?


Keep an eye on her blood sugar levels and she should be fine.

Yes, she should take the additional nutrients along with the Blood Pressure regulators.

The additional nutrients will aid in helping the mother give birth to a healthy child. There will be directions on the label when you purchase them. If they come in bulk tea form, take a teaspoon of each twice a day in tea form (I recommend the use of a tea ball. The directions for the Vitamin B Complex and Folic Acid will be on the bottle.

Here is a pregnancy tea formula that may prove easier to use. This is with bulk herbs (loose leaved.)

Recipe: 15 parts Red Raspberry leaves
        5 parts Alfalfa
        3 parts Nettle leaf
        1 part Cinnamon

Put 1/4 cup of tea to blend in a quart jar, fill to top with boiling water, and put a lid on the jar and let it steep for one hour. Sweeten with a little honey if desired. You can also make a gallon by adding one cup of tea at a time. Drink one quart a day.

Sorry for the confusion.

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