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hi..i have a co worker who has a very hard time staying asleep. she is on a prescription drug of some sort which works, but blue cross has her waiting well over a month to approve paying for the prescription. now she looks bad because of lack of sleep. i gave her a bottle of melatonin to try. she used it and went to sleep ok but woke up about 10 minutes later. so, my question is, what kind of herbs can she try to circumvent the face there is now no prescription drug and what can be used in its place? thank you!!

Passionflower is the best I know it works for Matt of my clients.  Take 2  at least one hour before bed. Also try taking calcium magnesium tablet before bed as well.  Tell him to go to bed before 10 stay off coffee after 12 noon . Get some exercise also.  Make to do list before bed so the mind is not in overdrive at night.good luck  

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