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Herbs for Health/Can Cat's Urine Smell Cause Respiration Problems?


If I say that 80% of the time in a day I sense cat's urine smell while I'm working on my desk then could it be the reason that I'm having the following mentioned symptoms?


These days I'm suffering from short-breath; I'm not satisfied with the amount of air I inhale. When I'm suffering from short-breath I also feel giddiness and my thinking power and problem solving power is approximately 50% reduced. (Maybe because I'm not getting enough oxygen because of short-breath. I guess.) I've to stretch my abdomen and forcefully inhale the air. Sometimes this problem is in a severe case, no matter how much do I forcefully inhale I don't get enough air, but sometimes it is less severe, and I get a satisfied breath ONLY WHEN I FORCEFULLY INHALE. Sometimes I don't have this problem, and I become normal.

It gets more severe when I'm eating. As I eat more, it gets more severe. And as the food is digested I feel good. I also feel good (in terms of breathing) when I go to the bathroom and urinate or defecate.

More surprisingly sometimes when I feel energy less because I've been working for a long time on my computer, and I go and eat something healthy then the breathing problem is very much reduced. (It feels like that my body didn't had enough energy to keep the lungs in working condition, that's my personal opinion.)

Yes, I've just written two contradicting statements. But this happens. Sometimes it gets severe when I eat but sometimes it reduces the problem.

This problem has been with me for around 4 months. In the start it wasn't that severe but I guess that it's increasing day by day.

Further related information:-

1. I sometimes take omeprazole (40mg) in the morning before breakfast if I'm facing acidity problem.

2. I'm getting fat, my belly is getting out day by day. I don't look obsessed. Only belly is getting out. As a whole I've normal shape, perhaps a strong structure. Chest, triceps and biceps are pretty much developed because I used to do 30 pushups multiple times a day. I do pushups in a very irregular manner. I start doing pushups every 4 to 5 months and do it for 2 to 3 weeks. And then I leave it.

3. 80% of the time I'm sitting on a chair and writing code. (I'm a software engineer.)

4. Nearly zero exercise. Very little sweating only once in a week.

5. Sleep deprivation.

6. Sometimes, while I'm sitting on my chair working on the computer. I notice that my heartbeat has been increased and I've started feeling it, its vibration and also sound. (Yeah, normally we don't feel our heartbeat.)

7. Stress. I take a lot of stress of the work.


Hello Tariq,

You have a lot going on here. Do you work in an environment where cats are present? Yes, cat urine can cause adverse reactions. Cat dander is another problem.

Get some exercise. It is very important.

Take this food allergy test. From what you have said, this sounds like the culprit.

Record your pulse rate consuming food that you suspect may be a problem. Using a watch with a second hand, sit down and relax for a few minutes. When completely relaxed, take your pulse at the wrist. Count the number of beats in a 60 second period. A normal sitting pulse rate is between 52 and 70 beats per minute.

After taking your pulse, consume the food that you normally eat or that you want to test. After eating, wait 15 to 20 minutes and take your pulse again. If your pulse rate has increased by more than ten beats per minute, omit this food for one month, and then retest yourself again.

You must separate what you eat into certain food groups such as milk products, wheat, fish, etc. in order to identify the source.

To help eliminate stress, drink catnip and passionflower tea while you work and take valerian root in either tea form or capsule form at bedtime.

Eliminate the cats and their odors from your environment.

Best wishes, Dennis

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