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Hi.. Gosh.. I can't believe I am writing you..I hope you can help me. I am a young 65  year old retired special ed teacher with Asthma. I started taking this Chinese Herb hoping it will help my Asthma and I do have COPD. I heard from my medical doctors that this Herb is not good because it has licorice root in it. I take about four a day, and it seems to be helping. Would this herb hurt me if I take it for a long period of time? Thanks for taking the time in helping me and so many others. God bless.. Sandee.....

I give my clients licorice. One of the best herbs if you have high blood pressure it can cause edema. But there probably isn't enough to,harm you inampny way.  I would also get off dairy and red meat  and gluton and take digestive enzymes with you meals. My suggestion. Jayne

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