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I want to ask weather herbs can heal social anxiety disorder (somewhat bad).If so, then how long does it take to cure it fully.

ANSWER: When it comes to herbs everyone is different. You must follow a natural diet as well and drink plenty of water. Sometimes a liver cleanse is a must . So a program should be followed. You can go to my web site and look at the steps required for healing. Energy work like reiki is important as well. Herbs help in the process but don not cure. The cure comes within yourself and how much are you willing to change and do for yourself. Also look into dowsing for mental and emotional health. I do sessions long distance.  Good luck jayne web site www.jayneboyle.com

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QUESTION: you said that herbs do not cure. could you please explain that? Does that mean that they provide only temporary relief and symptoms return when they are discontinued? please explain as am considering to take it.

Also, please tell can they provide quick results like tranquilizers as if person is having no anxiety?


ANSWER: I will try to explain.  Herbs provide vital nutrition in mineral for and vital energetic process that brings the body into balance and alignment so that the body  works to cure itself.  If nature cure is applied meaning to cleanse when needed and eating only foods of nature  like fruit veggies nuts seeds and grains , drinking herb teas especially those that  assist with certain conditions and water lots of it, then thembody can cure itself.  So do herbs treat symptoms. No drugs do.  Herbs do provide relief but I am saying a whole program needs to be followed.  Jayne

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QUESTION: thanks again for the quick reply. so, you want to say that various herbs for social anxiety like ashwagandha(winter cherry), passion flower  etc. can cure my problem but entire program should be followed.one more thing, Do herbs provide provide long lasting cure(no relapse of symptoms), so that when I get finished taking herbal  treatment I do not have to take them forever. Also please tell me some herbs which can be taken safely in combination with SSRI(a class of anti-depressants).if ashwagandha and passion flower can be taken simultaneously with SSRI, THEN please confirm.

thanks again.

Sorry for this late response. You should never take herbs with drugs. Take several,hours apart. Also a wholistic lifestyle,should,be followed for,a long time  maybe a lifetime even after you get results.  Heal your mind and the body will follow. Heal the body and your mind will respond. The body has an innate intelligence. You just have to quiet the mind to listen. It all depends on what you are willing to do for yourself.  Educate yourself on how to heal . Jayne

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