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My daughter is 3 years 5 months old,she was born totally fine and only used to have seasonal cold and flu and used to be ok after having antibiotics.But for the past three months she has been having stuffy nose and coughs a lot at times and even throws up.Initially we thought it was as ma and took her to expert doctors who all said she has  post nasal drip and is very allergic.For the past 2 months she is having the following medicines;
Myteka tablets at night
Bremax syrup at night and day
Rigix in the morning.

These medicines are given to control her allergy,her condition has improved cause of these medicines, but she still has stuffy nose at night with wheezing and coughing attacks during night and day at times.I want natural cure for treating this,i read somewhere that kosher pickle juice can be of great help in such conditions in children.Please guide me on this,i live in Pakistan
so we dont have access to some products at times so please guide me on that too.

waiting for  your reply thanks a lot


Hi Sarah,

Sorry for the delay. I was out of town and did not have internet access. Most important, is to find out the cause of her allergies.

I have not heard of kosher pickle juice to relieve allergic reactions, but I don't see what it can hurt. Give it a try.

There are so many substances that can provoke allergic responses. The most common allergens include pollen, dust, certain metals (especially nickel), cosmetics (the mother can affect her child), lanolin, animal hair, insect venom, some common drugs, food additives, and chemicals found in soap and washing powder.

Mold spores cause allergies in a lot of people and thrive year around in warm climates.

With children, food is a major cause of allergies. Be very watchful of what your daughter eats. After she has eaten, wait eight to ten hours and see if she has wheezing or coughing attacks.

Some of the most common allergenic foods include chocolate, dairy products, eggs, shellfish, strawberries, and wheat. Some reactions to food occur as soon as she starts chewing and are easy to identify and the food can be eliminated from the diet. A delayed reaction is harder to detect. An irritating cough or tickle in the throat may be a sigh of a food allergy.

Rotate her foods. Have her eat from a different food group of foods for each of foue days then repeat the cycle.

Avoid the following foods until it is determined she is not allergic to them: bananas, beef products, caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits, corn, dairy products, eggs, oats, salmon, strawberries, tomatoes, wheat and white rice.

Herbs that would be safe for her and should be easily found are: burdock, dandelion, stinging nettle. Horehound is also good if you can find it there.

Children's dosages are based on their body weight. Ask your provider about what dosage to give her.

Here is a link to a Pakastani herb company.   CLICK

Best wishes,

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