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My question is. I'm 53 years old and i was exposed to what i think were toxins during desert storm and would like to know what herbs would be beneficial in safely detoxifying the entire body from parasites and heavy metals. And are there any herbal remedies for the relief or cure of Bronchial Asthma and Paresthesias?

Thank You

Look into mms for detoxing.  It is on the  utube.  I cannot go into here  it helps to detox from metals and parasites.  There are lots of parasite herbal programs at the health food stores or whole foods. Also heavy metal cleanses. . Also for bronchial a you can try fenugreek and thyme .,it can help to clean out the lungs. Also,get off of dairy.  It could be a whole health program like diet changes and herbs.  Lungwort is a good herb for lungs . These herbs you can take in capsule form or drink as teas.  Jayne

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