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Dennis,About 6 weeks ago my 4 year old granddaughter in Texas developed puffiness in the lower lid of one eye. An opthamologist believed it to be just clogged tear ducts and recommended hot compresses. A week later she developed a rash on her cheeks and nose. A dermatologist said ironically it looked like acne, which of course is uncommon in children that age. He prescribed antibiotics, which may have helped slightly. 2-3 weeks later both doctors think both problems might be related, but no longer think it's clogged tear ducts or acne. Pressure on her cornea is also affecting her vision. She'll continue to see specialists, but you never know when a fresh perspective sets you on the right track. Any thoughts you might have on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry for the late answer. All Experts just notified me. For some reason I didn't receive it.

Because of your granddaughter's age we must be even more cautious about what we prescribe for her.

Like all other parts of the body, the eyes need to be nourished properly. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources for all the vitamins and minerals she needs for healthy eyesight.

Eyebright is beneficial to the eyes. It can be taken orally in capsule or tea form. It can also be used as an eye wash.

SP-23 Eyebright Blend from Solaray is a good choice.

Warm eyebright or mullein compresses are soothing and help reduce any inflammation that may occur. Prepare a tea of these herbs, cool it to a comfortably warm temperature, and soak a clean cloth or a piece of sterile cotton in it to make a compress. Then make another clean compress and gently wipe the edge of the eyelid. Use each compress only once and then discard it or launder it.

If the cornea is damaged, the eye becomes inflamed and vulnerable to infection. Damage may result from injury, or a foreign body in the eye. The infections that result may be caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

Vitamin A--10,000-25,000 IU daily.--Needed for all eye disorders.
Vitamin C-- 3,000 mg daily, in divided doses.--A healing and antiviral substance.

XEROPHTHALMIA is an inflammation of the cornea that is associated with nutritional deficiency, especially a deficiency of Vitamin A. The cornea becomes dry and infection may set in.

Add a multi-vitamin along with the vitamin a.

Again I apologize for not getting your question earlier.

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