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I have serious issues with focus, concentration and energy. I eat well and exercise regularly. I meditate, do yoga, take vitamins/minerals, eat fruits and veggies, and do everything else that I have been told to gain energy and focus. I read and exercise my brain but no matter what I do, I cannot increase my energy or focus levels. I have been recommeded multiple supplements and herbs for this reason, but am always disappointed. Its getting to the point where I can no longer afford to keep buying herbs and supplements that don't work. Any suggestions?


ANSWER: Question. How much time do you spend on the computer,I phone , ipad , twitter,  face book or whatever else.  I have  a few things that may help but but I need you to answer that first. Jayne

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QUESTION: Well, I am a full time college student, so i spend a few hours on the computer for homework every day. Other than that, I spend some time on my Iphone as well. What are your suggestions?


Sorry it took me so long to write. I would into brain gym exercises. You can look up on line. Very useful. Also ground yourself with walking barefoot on the earth 15 minutes a day. . Balances your field of energy.  Drink lots of water. Yogic breathing is good too nostril breathing.  That is what it is called. ALS o figure 8's draw in the air in front of you like a sideways 8 . I would turn off all wifi devices at night and take a break from cell phones for longer periods. Hope this helps a little. jayne

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