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I am looking for natural remedies and herbals that would help blood circulation.  At present statins are being used which cause other side effects.  This is for a diabetic.

Krill oil is a must.  Also blood purifier teas like red clover, red raspberry, dandelion.  Balance your minerals with a mineral supplement that includes trace minerals. Take calcium magnesium supplement. And eat more greens and veggies. Cut down on any food that are not good like processed. Cheese, and dairy, no milk. Cut out wheat and sugar. Focus on lots of good filtered water veggies and chicken or fish., balance your ph with a little Apple cider vinegar. Take the braggs raw vinegar 1tablespoon In water twice a day with honey to sweeten. Jayne

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I am an herbalist for 27 years. I see clients for nutrtional consulting and support on herbal programs. I can answer questions on herbs to take for paciticular ailments. I have a web site where I post articles on herbs and holistic health. I carry a line of teas and products that support one on their journey to health.


I have a healing center and have been in practice for several years. I teach classes one herbs and Iridology and Reiki .

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