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I have a poor digestive systems and am trying to follow a sugar free anti candida diet.
To help digestion and elimination of yeast I've started to drink apple cidar vinegar.
1 tablespoon before each meal though as I dilute it in a 750mls of water I find I'm drinking it throughout the day also as I try not to drink too much with each meal as to not dilute my natural digestive enzymes.
I've been recommended to take probiotics at each meal so I can't just take them once as day. As probiotics are expensive I'm worried about killing the good bacteria with ACV, is this possible or will it not cause a problem.
My question is will taking probiotics and ACV cause an unideal environment for the probiotics.

Thankyou sooo much for your expertise
Regards Belinda

Hi Belinda,

I've always wanted to take a trip down under, but dread the long plane ride.

Here's what I would do: follow the old axiom. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

You are well served by taking apple cider vinegar and probiotics with each meal along with a healthy sugar-free diet. Yet, add the common apple for your daily snack. The digestive enzymes should allow you to cut back on the expensive probiotics.

With candidiasis, essential acids, EFA's are very important, take flaxseed oil (as directed on label), it is important in healing and preventing the fungus from destroying cells.

This is not expensive.

Hope this helps, Belinda.

Best wishes, Dennis

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