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Hi Jane,

My husband has been an automotive mechanic for 20 years.  In the past 2 years he has noticed pain here and there in his hands.  However, within the past few months the pain is so severe he can't even squeeze a water hose to hose down an engine.  When he comes home @ night, it hurts to even wash his hands.  This is a man who never complains of pain or sickness and never goes to the Dr.  He is desperate for answers as he is really concerned how much longer he can continue working with this kind of pain.  I want to mention there is no numbness - just pain and severe.  He went to an orthopaedic Dr who did x-rays and tapped on his wrists and stated he didn't feel it was carpal tunnel.  But they dismissed him with that so he still has no answers but is still in just as much if not worse pain.  He just wants it fixed so he can do his job!!  He is not the type to give up and sit on the couch.  Please help.

I would suggest a few thing. First a good healthy diet of fruits and veggies with some fish and chicken. Drink only water. No sodas or juice.  Then take bendoitem, a clay to detox the body. You can order a pound online. With amazon.take internally and mix with water into a paste and smear all over hands. Leave,on for one hour then rinse. Repeat every day. Then drink horsetail rates. 3 cups a day., he probably need dies festive enzymes with meals.  Try these things for a few weeks. He should have relief. The clay will draw toxins out of body. One - w teaspoons a day internally.  Jayne

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