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A book on nutritional healing recommends 2000-2500mg of kelp daily as being "very important" for female sexual dysfunction.  When I researched kelp products I notice they come in much less dosage form (around 600mg) and the instructions say not to take more than the recommended amount.  I am aware of the iodine factor and can't understand why this book encourages such high dosage.  Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't heard of kelp for sexual dysfunction. Only for thyroid. I have muscle tested for clients with low thyroid and some test 6-8 a day of 600 mg for 6 days and decrease by one  like 5 for 5 day 4 for maintenance.  They is seems to work I think the body if low in iodine  need to take a lot at first then decrease. To tea thyroid at home take your temperature before you get out of bed in the morning. If low below 97 you have low thyroid. Do this for 3 days and if low kelp would be good. For sexual issuers I would take maca for hormone balance  or damiana.  Do some searching on these herbs. I love maca . Gives me energy and helps with mood. I have taken kelp for,years never had an issue.  Jayne  

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