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Hi Jayne,
I was wondering if you can help me with some herbal extracts that I just bought.I have had a candida problem since i took some antibiotics about 12 years ago and have been living on a sugar,starch, etc. diet and taking herbal supplements to kill the virus. The candida never went away and now from the symptoms I have had it appears that I have a leaky gut. I bought some very good herbal extracts to help with my situation and would like your help on some onf the dosage for my problems. These same herbs are helping my aging mother who has been strugling with shigles for the last month and would like to request some suggested dosages for her. Btw my weight is 110 and hers is 180lb.
The herbs are 10:1 extracts: gotu kola extract,reishi mushroom extract, andrographis paniculate extract, gynostemma pentaphyllum extract, siberian ginseng extract, astralagus extract, cordyceps mushroom extract, golden seal root extract.
I also purchased some L-Glutamate. And I am taking some anti-bacterial essential oils, grapefruit seed extract and cayenne pepper for the candida.
Can you please provide some dosage recommendations and whether it is a good idea to take these herbs daily.

It's really hard to say. Some people do well on small dosage some need more. It's not quite as accurate as say a drug. I use muscle testing to find the right dosage. You can look that up with n the Internet. But for now I would use what is recommended on the bottles. I think that is a good domination.diet is most important. Colon cleansing is always good. Good fiber to absorb any waste in colon. I don't know what pentaphyllium is but I mean bulk fiber with lots of water. Digestive enzymes are good to add too so you are fully digesting everything you are taking. For mom too. Jayne

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