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I recently purchased a bottle of 450mg Phytosterols. I haven't started taking them yet because this article scared me regarding heart attack and stroke:


There are also many good things they say about them so I'm torn. I've been taking 20mg Pravastatin (Pravachol) for a few years. My liver enzymes are elevated and I want to eventually get off the statin and take a natural cholesterol lowering supplement instead.

Any opinion/advice?


ANSWER: Hello Ed , the very last sentence is key. The sentence in the article you sent.. It is best to eat the vegetables like grains and fruits then take a supplement. You would do better by preparing and eating a very high nutrient  rich diet, decreasing some unhealthy fats, reducing meat intake,, cutting out sugar entirely.  I believe sugar is the worst for blood vessel health. We need some cholesterol, but it gets sticky and adheres to the vessel walls. The liver plays a role in production. But over eating, eating processed fatty and dead foods creates a problem. I would not only cut out sugar but white flour products and if brave enough all gluten. Gluten does cause hidden food allergies and inflammation. . Diet should be rich in greens, green supplement put in smoothies or juicing, and some supplements are ok. Like red rice extract , lecithin , B complex and digestive enzymes. Do some research on those. But pay close attention to diet and water intake. Only water should you drink. Do a colon cleanse followed by a liver cleanse. You will feel fantastic. Write back with any more questions . Like to know how you do. Don't get discouraged if it seems like a lot to take in. Just know that taking one supplement isn't going to be magic. A supplement isn't going to replace the drug. It has to be a whole program.  Jayne

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Jayne, your entire paragraph was torture. :-(  Lol~

Yes, I do have a sweet tooth and I know I don't eat half as healthy as I could/should. I try to have a greek salad with chicken for lunch once a week, the occasional turkey sandwich on wheat and we try to eat salmon once every week or two. I have to feed my wife and 9-year old son too so it's virtually impossible to start a uber-healthy meal plan. I have, however, cut diet soda from my life. I drink coffee, water, and naturally flavored sparkling water.  My occasional healthy snacks are Kind bars with nuts and low sugar. I believe the best thing I currently eat is two tablespoonfuls of SALBA whole seed with my yogurt every morning. Look into it. Great fiber with proven results that lowered my Triglycerides.

SO, you see, I want to take a supplement; not to "cure " me, but to eliminate the bad side-effects of statins while possibly helping me lower my cholesterol. My doctor wants me to go for a liver ultrasound. I am trying to eat better and will get tested one more time in a month or two and then I'll take it from there. He mentioned about taking me off the statin if my enzymes were still high. Since my last cholesterol test was 173, I figured I'd cut my dose in half and ultimately get off the statin and on a supplement instead.

Getting back to that article---do you think there's any danger in taking a 450mg Phytosterol twice a day?

I don't know. I would love look into the other supplement I mentioned. Enzymes are very important and fiber fiber fiber. Taking a suppl meant of fiber. I take phyillium .min bulk mixed with water and followed by more water. Veggies increase. Make a big salad and keep up n frig for everyday. With kale greens spinach papers . Use a salad dressing with olive oil. Vinegar something like that. Everyday I would add one more healthy step to the mix. Red rice extract is suppose to be very good. And plan a cleanse. It's not hard. Jayne

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