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I am a 59 year old male. I suffered a severe heart attack a couple years ago. Worse than the heart attack is the equilibrium and anxiety issues that followed. No cause for the equilibrium problems have been found and I'm extremely sensitive to so many meds that I reject just about every anti-anxiety medication the doctors try, due to the side effects. I've read a lot of good things about ashwagandha and would appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

Good , glad you asked. I take it everyday. It is an adaptation. Helps the body adapt to stress. How ever just like every other herb , we need to look at the whole picture. Just one herb may not be enough for you. I would take B complex and calcium magnesium also. Eat lots of veggies and high fiber diet. I would take natures sunshine mega Chel. You can buy in Amazon. You start with 1 twice a day. Build gradually up to 8-10 a day. This cleans out arteries and veins. Like oral,chelation. Hawthorne is good for the heart. Eliminate fatty meats and foods.  Eliminate gluten foods and eat little dairy. No milk. Take essential fatty acids like flaxseed oil. And drink only spring water and lots of it. Let go of grievances from the past and focus on the present. Try just this for a few weeks and you will feel better.  Good luck jayne

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