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As a teacher and counselor, I just received a question from one of my students about her laxative dependence. She says she takes laxatives every day, and cannot have bowel movements unless she does. With the help of laxatives she is having a bowel movement about once every two days, and has a lot of discomfort. I suggested increased fiber intake (she says she eats lots of fiber), probiotics (she said she could not tolerate those--don't know what kind she tried) as well as other nutritional practices we consider healthful, but she says nothing is working. Can you suggest other ways she can wean herself off her dependence on laxatives and establish healthful bowel function? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I would suggest Dr. Christopher's lower bowel formula.  It has cascara sagrada which is not habit forming and works to heal the peristalsis the muscle action of the bowel. She should take fiber. Not the same as eating fiber. These fibers are formulated to absorb old fecal matter.m also how much water does she drink. Very important. At least z8 glasses a day. When she takes fiber tell her to follow with large glass of water.. Maybe she should go on only fruits and veggies for a week to clean herself out. Jayne

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