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Hi, Thanks in advance for any help you will give me.
My problem started with my second pregnancy, where my hand veins got so large and bulging, and painful also.  I realized that they are so weak because when I was put for blood transfusion (after my c-section) my veins were broking and it was not possible to receive blood via the blood transfusion machine, so I received it via the cannula.  After birth my nerves almost shrinked to their normal size, but after two years, due to using my hands in hard work, and also due to being reluctant to use hot water in summer (I live in UAE where water gets so hot in summer), my veins got so much large and bulging again, and also I got ulnar nerve inflammation in my right hand.  The veins in the right hand got so much prominent to the degree that some veins that were invisible and deeply burried they became very close to the surface and so bulging and visible.  I went to a doctor and the inflammation was treated four years ago, but since then my veins are always bulging especially in my right hand, more especially on the area where ulnar inflammation happened.  NOW, sorry for the long post, but now comes the question: Is there any way to strengthen my veins using herbs? I should mention that my veins are so weak in all my body and I have spider vein in my legs and foot and varicose veins as well, but what I care for now is my hand, because it looks so ugly and just like a male's hand.

I would like to see in your eyes to determine how your digestion is doing. I would say go on digestive enzymes and a good mineral supplement. You probably have a mineral defiency . Trace minerals as well. Go on iron Floradix supplement as well. Build up your system with good healthy greens and veggie shakes. Focus on foods of nature. No processed high fructose corn syrup or sugar. Sugar will do a lot of damage. Lots of water and do a colon cleanse at some point if not nursing. Maybe go gluten free. It's not hard. Just a commitment. It may take some time to notice a change . It is a lifestyle change. I would not drink milk or eat cheese. Almond milk is alkaline and real easy to make. Any nut milk is good. My web site If you live or visit Maryland come see me. I I do,iridology at a health food store  good luck Jayne

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