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Hi Jayne

I have slightly elevated resting blood sugar and have been taking this for a few months (going to doc soon for blood work):


and I seen this supplement today:


but before I purchase it, I was wondering if I can take both of these or if one looks better than the other, etc.


They look like the same. You need higher doses of b vitamins and chromium. Diet is the main thing to focus on. Exercise and lots of water.have you thought about a candida diet. It's a yeast that the diet  eliminates the yeast and builds your system. You can use stevia to sub for sugar.  I would support your adrenals too. Most people I see have burnt out adrenals. You can take ashawaganda  or astragalus pick one and take 4capsules a day. Also take digestive enzymes with meals.  Very important. The supplement. Not sure it will help. Eating small protein snacks  helps to keep blood sugar under control. Jayne

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