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Hello Jane ... I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant. I was taking a low dose prozac for the first and second trimester of my pregnancy due to anxiety ( ocd). I weened off the prozac and I'm feeling ok... I went to a nutritionist / lactation specialist recently who recommended after I give birth to take motherwort tea and the herb dong quoi. I want to be sure ( second opinion ) that these herbs are safe to take if I'm breastfeeding. Also to the dosing that you would recommend ... The dong quoi is in dropper form and she said to take it how it instructs on the bottle. I would like to take the lowest dose possible to help me and then hopefully continue to take ... I'm just not sure how long it is recommended to take these herbs safely with or without breastfeeding . Thank you for any advice

Yes it's safe. I would say the same. Start in a smaller dose and build up to the full, recommended on bottle. Depending  on how sensitive you are, you can gage it according  to the results. One thing about herbs, they are more like a food nourishing the body to work to correct itself, not working to suppress symptoms. So think of it like taking vitamins to enhance , most herbs are like that. These two do not worry about overdosing, but give it several months at least if. not more, I do believe a wholesome diet with no junk processed and sugary foods would be a huge benefit. Good luck Jayne  

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