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Dear Jayne,

To start with thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I am really grateful.I have recently (since last November) had pain in my upper inner thigh and groin. Originally I started applying pure arnica oil in this area (and on my neck because it was stiff)for several weeks, and now notice that I can hear my heart beating loudly which is very disconcerting. I have now read that arnica oil is toxic but which was advertised as massage oil.Also because I didn't know I may have perhaps not washed my hand after massaging and may have eaten an apple or something and possibly ingested some. I really don't remember but am quite panicked.

Originally regarding the pain, the Dr thought I pulled a muscle and prescribed a low dose of cortisone which caused me to have really high blood pressure. Anyway an MRI has now been done and has diagnosed a hip impingement causing the groin pain. This causes inflammation, and is possibly due to loss of some cartilage. The dr has now prescribed a higher dose of cortisone 3mg of cortisone two times a day for 5 days and half that dose for another 5 days together with an anti inflammatory non steroid anti inflammatory. However because I am loathe to take cortisone I have started a tincture of devils claw, 18 drops 3 x a day and am taking tumeric and glucosamine. I have been taking this for 5 days now but have seen no change in the pain yet. I am a 58 year old woman with no other health problems Any thoughts please on these two matters. Thankyou

It's very difficult to say what you need without seeing you. I would try to find an osteopathic Doctor. They can help very much. I would also consider going off gluten as it can be a cause of inflammation. Also taking digestive enzymes would be helpful and magnesium.  Jayne

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