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Hi Jayne,
I found a great company that I can buy some good quality herbal extracts from.I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite herbs for my conditions - candida, urinary tract infection, leaky gut, poor digestion,  poor short-term memory possibly as a result of an bike accident and car accident, resulting in significant brain trauma, absolute intolerance to sugar and any foods containing natural sweetener and intolerance to salt except for wakame. I also like to stay active cycling and work. There are tons of herbs out there but it seems like you have a lot of experience so maybe you have some that have worked well for yourself or your patients.
thank you

One particular herb comes to mind called pau d arco. It is anti fungul.  Good to help with candida. Do lots of green smoothies with kale and green leafy veggies. I would do some colon cleansing and grapefruit extract. Fermented foods  are good for building gut healt , probiotics fr sure and do digestive enzymes with meals. Eat whole foods and drink lots of pure water. When you have an infection take echinacea golden seal combo at least6capsules a day. And garlic should be part of your regimen. The herb pau d arco can be drunk as a tea a pint a day or take
6 a day. Detox is the answer, juicing diet of veggies no sugar or gluten.  Takes commitment and work but you can do it. Jayne

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I am an herbalist for 27 years. I see clients for nutrtional consulting and support on herbal programs. I can answer questions on herbs to take for paciticular ailments. I have a web site where I post articles on herbs and holistic health. I carry a line of teas and products that support one on their journey to health.


I have a healing center and have been in practice for several years. I teach classes one herbs and Iridology and Reiki .

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