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Hello sir i am living in india and as a kife style today specially in india we consume heavy food and  chemical pesticide used fruits vegetables  cerals that why many people suffer from kidney failure and related morbidities . i want to know how we can save our body specially kidney in this time because all major body detoxification load come to kidney or liver .
Any herbal use which make strong our kidney or liver
How we can detoxify our body any method which can easily perform at home .

Hello Dr rizwan,

Start each day with a freshly squeezed lemon in a cup of purified water. Add a half teaspoon of sea salt. Drink it on an empty stomach. It will release the toxins from your body.

Take 500 mg of full spectrum Milk Thistle twice a day. Once in the morning, once at night. This cleanses and protects the liver.

Take 515 mg of Dandelion root once a day. This cleanses and protects the kidneys.

Take 720 mg of Turmeric once a day. This is an overall cancer fighter that strengthens all organs.

This is an easy way to help your body fight toxins.

Best wishes,

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