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QUESTION: Hello sir Last year on April i was diagonised with High frequency Sensorineural hearing loss with hissing voice in my right ear 30 db and left ear 18 db.Both ears pains and itching,nerve pain and headache also.I have blocked  right ear more than left.I have feel  pinch in my eyes and watery eyes also.I have pain in my bones and arm nerves.I have bronchit asthma also.
My bowel movement is not good i often go three times.My mouth is bitter smelling.I often belched after having meal and drink.I am 28 years old male not married and living in chandigarh.In the age of 16 i had suffered from typhoid fever due to this i have lost my head hair more.
Can i get rid of this.
Plz guide me.

ANSWER: Dear Mr. Singh,
For treating the hearing problem, I suggest a simple home remedy. Many patients are benefited with this treatment. In case you don't get relief in a week, you may need to see an ENT specialist.
Cut and crush slightly a small piece of Garlic and tie it in a soft cotton cloth. Put this plug in both the ears during sleeping time and remove it in the morning. This gives a sensation of warmth in the ears and you can expect the relief in about a week.
About your other complaints, it will be good to see any nearby physician because the symptoms are bit complicated. They need special attention.
Dr. Santosh Jalukar, Mumbai

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QUESTION: Thanks for reply but sir as per ur advice if i will do this home remedy it should not be any side effect.And medicines of herb if any plz tell me.Thanx again for ur great help....

Dear Mr. Manjeet singh

There are absolutely no side effects of the suggested home remedy. One more thing I suggest for the hearing problem. Avoid drinking any liquid (even water) at least 1 hour before going to bed. It is difficult to tell the reason but it really helps. This is my experience for over 3 generations in my family. If you know, some communities in India do not take food or even water after Sunset. There is a hidden health benefit in this culture. So, just follow it and you will realize the effect shortly.
Dr. Santosh Jalukar, Mumbai

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