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I would be interested to know what your advice is in relation to White Oak Bark and Goldenseal in terms of how long it is considered 'safe' to take these. Not together, but rather independently.

For example, some people seem to be taking White Oak Bark continuously at under 500mgs on a daily basis as a maintenance dose for long term conditions like colitis as they seem to find it helpful. Whereas some sites for White Oak Bark indicate it should not be taken for more than 3-14 days and then stopped with an interval period of some sort before resuming it.

Likewise with Goldenseal, some people seem to take it daily on an on-going basis for various reasons like interstitial cystitis and other chronic conditions, whereas some sites say a maximum of two weeks on and at least two weeks off regardless of reason for use.

Is there any up to date information on these two supplements about duration of use and interval periods?

Hello. I don't. Believe white oak bark is a problem. Golden seal can be. It can lower blood sugar, if your blood sugar is already low. But you can counteract that by taking licorice root. 4 capsules a day. You can also alternate with mryhh . Golden seal should also not be taken for long if high blood pressure or heart conditions are present.  Hope that helps jayne

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