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Herbs for Health/Can Turmeric have bad affects on nerves?


I began drinking turmeric tea (that also has ginger and cinnamon in it). I started getting tingling and numbness in my toes. I didn't make the connection at first but soon the tingling and numbness spread throughout my body. I have attributed this to the turmeric. Any idea why it would have this effect of me?

I have heard that some people are allergic to cinnamon. If you know that is not the case I would try herb separately. Or you can try muscle testing to see if you have a weak reaction. Go to utube and learn muscle testing. Very easy. Try the whole tea and see if you test strong or Weak.You need another person to help test you.,if you test ok I would say that the herbs are opening up circulation channels of energy or blood and that is a good thing. The tingling woul leave after a while . They are all very good herbs . . Jayne

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