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Herbs for Health/Are immunosuppressants known to inhibit healing?


Dear Dr. Kar,

Hope you are doing well.

Parul has a long history of RA and has recently developed a right knee pain and swelling. This happened last month when she overexerted during recreational swimming. Since, then she has discontinued swimming and has rested the knee completely.

Problem is the knee is not healing or its taking too long. Her protein intake is good, and she's taking L-glutamine supplements and turmeric for healing.

1. Could the healing be inhibited by the immunosuppressants she has taken - primarliy Rituxan/Rituximab chemotherapy?
2. What can we do to help the knee heal faster.

Please answer both questions and advise.


So,sorry for your trouble. I'm not sure you meant  to write to me. However I'm sending link to read. How much does the person weigh. Eating habits?
 Curcumin  is a little better and stronger than tumeric. Comes from the same plant. I would immediately get off sugars wheat and gluten and red meat. Eat only veggies mostly raw and fruit and nuts. Do this for some time until elimination is better. It's a whole body approach. Epsom salt baths. Hot , cold compresses to increase circulation, take digestive enzymes with meals . Also bowswellia is good. Essential fatty acids. No fried foods. Dandelion tea is good Here is a link to learn more.  Diet  change is essential, it won't be one herb or even a handful of herbs without changing whole body functions, good luck Jayne  

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