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Hi Dr. Jayne,

I've reduced white sugar consumption to a bare minimum and now intend to stop completely.

I'm very unsure about brown and demerera sugars.

Please advise on healthy sweeteners and suggest reading.


Brow sugar is just sugar with molasses still in it. Honey I have used for years. Honey doesn't give you a spike in blood sugar and is good for you. You can cook with it also. There is a product out there I would like to try called swerve. It measures like sugar but is made from fruits and veggies. O calaries. Stevia is another. Is an herb that is very sweet but has no sugars. It's very strong so a pinch could sweeten a cup of tea. I like stevia for certain things . Don't have much experience with it.. If you like to cook sweeten sometimes with applesauce. That works cook. Hope this helps. Jayne

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