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QUESTION: Hi Dennis.

Before I compose a long email, I will keep it short at first and if you can help me, I'll let you know in depth what I'm taking. I was wondering if I give you a list of supplements I'm taking, if you can help me determine which (if any) are causing my liver enzymes to be elevated. My diet isn't the best but I'm not overweight. I think it's partly to do with the 20mg of Prevastatin for cholesterol, 120mg of Cardizem for high blood pressure, and the sweets I eat. Doc thinks I might have fatty liver. I don't drink too much. Only occasional light beer or two. I am in the process of getting a treadmill and plan to start exercising daily.

Anyway, if you can help me, let me know.



The Prevastatin and Cardizem will most certainly affect your liver enzymes. I especially dislike cholesterol meds, they do more harm than good. Diet and exercise are the best remedies. Remember, the liver is the only major organ that can heal itself. I'd recommend a good cleanse.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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QUESTION: Thanks Dennis.

Yes, I know. I've read a lot of articles on how bad cholesterol meds are. I cut my Pravastatin dose in half since my last visit but I can't do the same with the Cardizem because they're in capsule form. My doc said maybe we'll stop both meds altogether but my next visit in a couple months will determine that. I am on a really low dose of Cardizem, though. Are there any other similar meds that don't affect the liver as much as the Cardizem does?

Anyway, in the mean time, if you can determine from the following list which, if any, could be promoting my liver enzymes to be elevated and which ones you think I can live without (or stop taking), if in fact they could be part culprit, I would appreciate it.

Every amount is how many I take daily; I'm not going to break down time of day etc. but I do space them out throughout the day.

(4) Vitamin Code multivitamins for men 50+ (I'm 53 by the way)
(1) Citrus Bioflavonoid
(1) Ubiquinol with Kaneka QH
(1) Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold 750 mg EPA & 250mg DHA (was taking 2 daily, cut it down to 1)
(2) Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine
(3) Himalaya Liver Care capsules
(2) Ceylon Cinnamon
(2) Milk Thistle Gold
(4) Phytosterol Complex
(2) Extra Strength Garlic
(2) Berberine
(1) Bayer 81mg aspirin

Besides my liver enzymes being high, my A1C is a little high as well that's why I'm taking the Garlic, Cinnamon, Milk Thistle, Phytosteros, Liver Care, and Berberine to help combat both ailments. The other supplements I am taking just for better health--or so I hope.



You are certainly taking enough supplements related to your concerns. Exercise is going to be
very beneficial for your health concerns.

Cleansing the liver and the kidneys would also help. Go to Herbal Healer and order their 4-Herb
tea and take that as suggested for a gentle detox.

Other supplements

Alfalfa--Cleanses the liver supplies vitamins ans nutrients.
Dandelion--Cleanses the kidneys which control your kidney function.
Apple juice, beet juice, and lemon juice are great cleansers.
Avoid animal fat, fried foods, margarine, soft drinks, commercial oils, and refined carbs.

The key here is plenty of exercise, a sensible diet, and plenty of liquids (water).

Best wishes,

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QUESTION: Thanks Dennis-- I was wondering about the water (liquid) factor. Good to know. I'll try and stay hydrated.

1) Is there such a thing as taking too many supplements? I take quite a few already as you can see but if you think the other ones you mentioned would benefit me I'll definitely look into them as well.

2) And the ones I'm currently taking are "liver-safe" for the most part?

It's going to be hard to avoid fried foods completely but I do try and eat healthy when I can. I haven't consumed margarine in decades. I quit drinking soda many years ago, switched to diet soda (which is worse, I know) and gave that up a few years ago. Only have it once in a great while. I drink water and carbonated lemon-lime water as my drinks.

I should have gone through your list, Ed.

Yes, you can take too many supplements. It has difficult to determine what works synergestically.

I tend to stick with full spectrum supplements instead of taking the more expensive supplements that give
you a concentration of the herbs most beneficial properties.

In other words, the more natural, the better.

A multi-vitamin is excellent.

I drink a glass of water with one fresh lemon squeezed in on an empty stomach in the morning. To this, I add a quarter ts of sea salt. Sea salt retains its minerals. This cleanses the system for the daily toxins ahead. If you have stomach issues, don't do it.

I take straight Co-Q-10. 100 mg daily.

I use 1,000 mg Omega 3 Flaxseed Oil capsules, twice daily.

I take 2 720 mg Turmeric capsules once daily.

I don't see where the Himalayan liver capsules are beneficial.

Cinnamon is good for blood sugar issues.

I take 500 mg capsules (2) of Full Spectrum Milk Thistle twice daily.

I have no experience with the phytosterol complex.

Garlic is good, use it in cooking, too.

Have no experience with Berberine use, if it works as good as Metformin, take it instead.

A baby aspirin daily is an excellent choice.

I use Swanson vitamins because they are natural, organic supplements. Plus, they are priced reasonably.

Best of health to you and your family,

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