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Cath NZ wrote at 2008-05-01 01:36:19
I had exactly the same adverse effects from taking MACA as did Kim. I have since had thyroid tests and they show no thyroiditis. I stopped taking the MACA over two weeks ago but still have the swelling and pain in the thyroid area, which I'm taking anti-inflammatories for.

Janna Lee wrote at 2009-08-08 02:08:10
I also had an adverse reaction to maca. It did not occur until I had been taking maca for a while. I stated feeling as if I was getting a Urinary Tract Infection but that turned out not to be the case. I went off the maca and the bladder contractions lessened. After a few days I took the maca again and the bladder contractions came back in full force. Also, I experienced sleeplessness and what seemed to be an over-stimulation of the endocrine system. I began digging to find more information on maca and I recently learned that you are supposed to decrease the dose if you experience adverse symptoms. One article I read stated that some may even want to take one tablet every other day instead of daily. Until I experienced these adverse symptoms I had only read that there were no side effects and no drug interactions. There may be others who have experienced adverse reactions and may not even have connected them to maca.

Olwen wrote at 2009-08-24 21:51:04
I have also had the same effects as Kim. Lymph pain and also morning hoarseness. Have stopped taking it.

tony wrote at 2009-10-30 23:04:30
I have a lot of adverse reaction due to maca - I took two dose per day for one week. Then I got dizzy and nausea and vomit, diarrhea,low patassium. Very very bad experince for several weeks.Skeletal musle weakness and cramping. Tachycardia, decreased muscle strength,low fever.

Yosy wrote at 2014-05-22 21:02:25
I just started taking it and loved the extra energy! I took it for irritability (PMS)and because I have these dark spots on my face. However, my lymph nodes did start swelling. The spots on my face did start to diminish almost instantly! It's really a shame that could not keep taking it because it really seems to work in other areas.  

bam wrote at 2016-01-25 18:05:26
I have been takeing maca for severl months for ED with no results and than along came a younger hard belly lady and my erection wont go down. I found it nessary to stop running around and go back to my 300 pound lets be carefull when we start blaming it all on maca  bamboozle

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