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My favorite hermit crab came up from molting after 9 weeks.  prior to molting he was very outgoing, always out in the open and rarely hid or ducked back in his shell.  Hes been on the surface about a week now, but now he hides all day and is a fraidy cat.  Is this normal?  Thank you I miss my friendly hermit crab.

Candy, Unfortunately this is a very stressful time for them. It can take up to a couple of months to molt sometimes. I would find out where he is the most and dig a hole for him to lay in. Sometimes its a privacy issue. You can use a small clay flower pot. Keep him misted and the hole damp.....it should help him. I am going to send you a great information site. If you have anymore problems with him or questions please ask. Good luck, Tina


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Tina Beatty -Quiao


I have had hermits for years... They can be abit of a handful, but so comical at the same time. I can answer most qustions about the habitats and care of these little guys.I have some knowledge about what is best for them. I work as a pet care specialist for a large pet chain. Hopefully I can help you with any probs you are having. I have about 45 of them right now and have had most of them for yrs.


I deal with these little guys on a daily basis...I have 37 of my own!! : ) I even have a couple streakers, they just like to run around no shell for a few now n then....lol

I have no formal education in this area . Have been in petcare for yrs and would like to pass on any knowledge I have to anyone who needs it. This all started because his mom said my neph couldn't have hermmie. I lived in ocean city... and I said he could....We ended up with 32 hermies .....lol

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