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My hermit is no longer in its own body fragment. The crab is still in its shell but dead and the body of the crab is empty wher did the crab of and why did it die

Nate, It sounds like your crab shed. Its ok this is a normal process but very hard on them. Are you sure he is dead. He would smell just awful. If not he is probably far back in his shell waiting for his new shell to harden a bit. You can put a little water in there and see if he comes out. Do this only for a about 20 seconds and then dump the water out so he don't drown but, they will usually come out with the water in there unless he is being stubborn. I am going to send you a great guide on your crab with tons of neat facts. Good Luck Nate, Tina

P.S. If you tug on the empty shed and it comes right out remove it this time.If it does not want to come out gently leave it he has not finished shedding. The next time he sheds in quite awhile leave the shed in there for about 2 days they eat it for calcium.

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Tina Beatty -Quiao


I have had hermits for years... They can be abit of a handful, but so comical at the same time. I can answer most qustions about the habitats and care of these little guys.I have some knowledge about what is best for them. I work as a pet care specialist for a large pet chain. Hopefully I can help you with any probs you are having. I have about 45 of them right now and have had most of them for yrs.


I deal with these little guys on a daily basis...I have 37 of my own!! : ) I even have a couple streakers, they just like to run around no shell for a few now n

I have no formal education in this area . Have been in petcare for yrs and would like to pass on any knowledge I have to anyone who needs it. This all started because his mom said my neph couldn't have hermmie. I lived in ocean city... and I said he could....We ended up with 32 hermies

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