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Abby wrote at 2012-06-16 20:38:20
Some active hermits can be very enjoyable and funny. As an owner of two, i find that they can have personalities and interesting to watch.  

Brittany wrote at 2012-12-04 23:22:32
I feel like Jenn is going overboard with her hermit crabs. I've had one for a very long time and he is perfectly happy to just have his sponge dampened every day and some sprinkles of hermit crab food.. and, occasionally, a piece of vegetable or fruit. I've never met a stuck-up hermit crab who is too fancy to eat the same food twice. Also, hermit crabs are very cheap to own and maintain.. you can get a whole little hermit crab environment kit for under $20. This includes his little tank, sand, bedding material, sponge, bottle of food, a variety of shells, and a couple of little huts and logs, where he can sleep or just hang out. If you want to spend $100+, I suppose that's up to you, and hooray for your spoiled crab.  

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