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I have a girlfriend right now. We get along pretty well, but lately just about every girl that I'm friends with have had huge crushes on me. They're all really attractive, some even more than my girlfriend. Through some complicated mess my girlfriend has been thinking about becoming a lesbian. So, does this mean that I'm free?

Hi Brad,

It does not really matter what the relationship state is. As long as you are in one, you should not "cheat". If you want to be free, break up with her first.
Let me put it this way: One day you might fall in love and be with someone. Would you like to know that they're dating/flirting with other people while being in a relationship with you? Would they like it if you were "free" while having a girlfriend? No, they wouldn't feel loved or secure.

Good luck and don't hesitate to follow up if there's anything!

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