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High School Life/is there anything slutty about showing cleavage?


Johnny82 wrote at 2013-06-06 22:35:56
Hi, i'm sorry for my english because i'm french guy! About : hotter to have push up or don't wearing bra, i think it's better to don't wear bra and a very large and deep cleavage (like a cardigan) and showing part of areolas or all of you want.

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I am a senior who lived high school years, faced bad friends, fell in love, got my heart broken, had to work on my appearances, had to get to know fashion and even had to deal with my best friend falling for me. I also can deal with educational problems, family problems, drinking problems, suicidal attempts, bad days or any thing you need help in. I'll answer your question as soon as I can and I will think long and hard before doing that. You just have to know, everyone faced these things at a point in their lives. It's not hard as long as you are willing to deal with it and not escape.


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