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I went to our brother school's homecoming last night (I'm at an all girl school obviously) and there was a boy there that I've known for about 2 years but we haven't talked at all in the past year and i'm pretty sure we flirted all night even though he wasn't my date. We talked all through dinner and would stare at each other all night and he asked me to dance before he asked her to (he got set up with her through the school. they're not together). And we were texting all night after the dance and he called me incredibly amazing but later in the night, the conversation got kinda slow. I texted him today but he didn't respond. So....help please?

Hey Alex!

I wouldn't worry about it, he's probably just busy.  There's not a lot you can do, just be friendly and engaging with him.  If he likes you, he'll make the effort to contact you, but just don't be too pushy.  For instance, don't continually text him if he's not texting you.  Maybe send one text, wait a couple days, and then send another.  Just be nonchalant (e.g., "Oh I just saw the funniest movie, etc").  

You can't tell just by if a conversation is slow or not how it's going.  Just keep it cool and see what happens =)


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