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Dear Dan,
I have a dilemma that's been eating me up for the last week or so, and I want to know what to do.

I'm a sophomore in high school, and im heavily involved in my school's theatre department,  as well as my friends. During my freshman year,  I met a girl named Margaret who seemed very, well... interested in me. She teased me with her words and her hugs all of the second semester of the year, and I nsver saw her over the summer.

Sophomore year comes around, snd I am Involved with our big fall musical, which how I met my girlfriend. Weve been dating for almost two months now, and Margaret has shown signs of jealousy. Lately, margaret hasnt been getting the attention she craves, and acts very strange. During the beginning of November,  ahe and I were on crew for a small play, and she saw this as her chsncd to mske things right with me. I take shows veey seriously,  and to avoid nit doing my job, ignored her. She thinks im mad at her, which I sort of am, but I want to make things right with her. I feel awful abkut hurting her, and I just want to redeem myself and return to a life of happiness and peace. What do I do?

Hey Dylan,

Just be friendly to her!  There's not a lot you can do if she has a crush on you, besides just telling her straight out that you ONLY want to be friends (which is something you should do if it ever gets too intense.)  Still, don't worry about it so much and just be nice.  If you want to make things right show her that you care about the friendship.  You don't need to buy her flowers or anything, just don't ignore her all the time!


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