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Hi how are you my name is Alejandro and i go to school in New York City my high school if FDNY high school and they focus on helping teens become an emt and soon a firefighter. Now i hate the class and it stressed me out , i dont want to be a emt and it is not my passion what so ever, the emts keep saying that if i drop the class i will be no one in life and end up being nothing. I ave dropped the class but the brainwashing they put into me keeps haunting me and i dont know what to do , will i become some one i am afraid.

Hi Alejandro,

I am sorry to read that. Think about it this way--how many kinds of careers/jobs are in this world? Can you think of a single job that does not contribute to society in a certain way?
If we didn't have garbage collectors, pollution would be at its all-time high and we would die sooner. If we didn't have cyclists, we would possibly be less than half as motivated to do something. If we didn't have.... You get my point.

Having said that, do not pursue a career that you do not like! You are doing the right thing. I applaud you for dropping it despite the bad words. You should really find your passion no matter how long it takes, because then you would be happy to go to work every day and influence people even more with your enthusiasm. EMTs are supposed to be very generous people, but it seems to me that the people who said those things to you were not good people; why listen to people who are mean/not worth your time right? And I do not think you would like to learn from people who do not seem to actually like their job!

Good luck, and do not hesitate to follow-up if there is anything.  

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