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am doing a project on animal farm book.. i nee a summary of whole book of on 250 words . am able to find the summary but the problem is, those summaries are too lengthy and i feeling it very difficult to make it to 250 words. so plz someone help me. i want a summary of animal farm book of 250 words(if exact 250 words is not then at least the words should be near to 250) ....... plzzzzz someone help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)


Have you not read the book?  Just go online and search a summary, read a couple of them, and write one.  If it's too long, then just edit and cut, edit and cut...

The best is to just give a brief overview of what it's about in a few lines (animals take over the farm because of inequality in the way they're treated, pigs begin taking over, etc).  Then a couple lines on what it means (this is actually a representation of class struggle, etc).  Then maybe a couple lines on why it's important (this book came in a time of fascism versus communism, Orwell was intending...)

Super easy!

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