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hi i am in my last year of school.the previous year was extremely hard for me as i had to suffer from a heartbreak and i feel like i still cannot get over friends seem to no longer be there for me and many times i feel like something is horribly wrong with life at home is also extremely disturbing as my parents don't get along well at a result of all this my academics are beginning to fall.i also feel like i never can like any guy or trust him because of what happened last year.please help!!


First off, don't stress!  I know how hard things can seem in high school, but it all passes.  I know it's pretty cliche to just say give it time, but honestly it's 100% true.  I had a terrible heartbreak in my first year of University, and I even decided to leave the country and go on exchange at the end of the year to get away.  I was so devastated for a couple of weeks, but slowly things got better and eventually I just completely stopped thinking about it.

I know it's hard, but you'll get through everything.  It's going to seem so trivial a year down the line.  Just keep positive thoughts and don't let it overwhelm you.  You're a lot stronger than you realize =)

Just give it time.  You're going to get through this =)

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