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I've recently been nominated to represent Texas in the National American Miss pageant. If I won, I'd be crowned Miss Texas, in which I would win $5,000, an entry into the Miss USA pageant, and so much more. The dilemma is that my parents got me a trip to the Bahamas for my graduation present but the day we leave for the trip is the pageant weekend, ironically. So now I have to choose between the two, which is hard because I don't want to choose the trip then always think "What if I would've won?" or make my parents upset by choosing the pageant since they've already booked the trip and spent thousands. I asked my parents if they could push the trip back a week but they said I'm being selfish. I don't know what to do so I'm kind of desperate for any advice I can get. Please help?

Hi Jasmine,

It's a little hard for me to answer that for you, because it just depends on what is important to you.  For instance, I wouldn't really care about the pageant and would probably take the trip, but that's only me.  If you are really interested in the future opportunities this pageant might bring, then I would do that.  It's not a small competition either, and representing Texas could be a really big opportunity for you.  I would talk to your parents about it if you really want to compete in it and just explain that.  Tell them you don't want to be selfish, but new circumstances (that in no possible way could have been predicted) are leading you to want to compete.  Explain how important it is to you, they'll understand.  =)

Best of luck to you!

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